Hon Chuan Group was founded in 1969 and started producing metal caps, shrinkable labels and packaging films. With continuous research and development, Hon Chuan Group has constantly launched products, such as plastic caps, PET bottles, LDPE shrinkable film, also, entered the markets of aseptic filling of PET bottle beverage, hot filling OEM, TR beverage filling OEM, TBA filling OEM. Hon Chuan Group provides vertically integrated beverage packaging and beverage filling OEM services, and has expanded our bases to Mainland China, South-East Asia, and Africa. Hon Chuan Group Headquarters is located in Taichung, Taiwan. 

Hon Chuan Group has dedicated itself to environmental, social and corporate governance issues, gradually assimilating them into our corporate management policies and operations, in the hopes of promoting economic, environmental and social progress and improving the quality of life of employees and the community in order to actively act as responsible corporate citizens.

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