• Dominate the global market in beverage packaging.


  • Set up the 4th aseptic beverage filling production line at the 3rd aseptic beverage filling plant.
  • Established Hon Chuan (Philippines) Corporation in Philippines to develop the Philippines packaging materials market.


  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Vietnam Masan in Vietnam.
  • Established Hon Chuan (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. in Cambodia to invest preform production line.


  • Awarded for “Innovative Packaging Design – Gold and Bronze Medal Award”, respectively, in annual innovative products assessment from Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.
  • The president, Mr. Tsao, Hsih-Chung, received an Award of Special Contribution in Food Industry from Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.


  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Tensai Company in Thailand.
  • Established Honhua Holdings Co., Ltd. in Myanmar to invest bottle water production line.
  • Established Hon Chuan Enterprise Packing (Luohe) Co., Ltd. in Henan, China to invest bottle water production line.


  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with KH Company in Myanmar.
  • Invested Hon Shi (Samoa) Holding to manufacture and sell beverage packaging material in Mozembique and develop Africa market.


  • Built up automated warehouse at Taichung headquarters and Taichung 2nd Aseptic beverage filling Plant.
  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Foodstar Company in Thailand.


  • Set up aseptic filling beverage (In House) plant in Xiantao, Hubei, China.
  • Set up Aseptic filling plant in Surabaya in Indonesia.
  • Started a joint venture, Honly plant, with the local beverage producer in Cambodia.


  • Received recognition from the Industrial Development Bureau.
  • Awarded SGS ISO-9001 certificate for International Quality of Assurance System and Quality of Sustainability Award.
  • Set up the 3nd aseptic filling beverage plant in Taichung.
  • Set up Chuzhou (In House) plant in Anhui, China.
  • Set up Hon Chuan Myanmar plant.


  • Built aseptic filling beverage plant in Zhangzhou, China.


  • Set up In-house plastic cap production line at Jing Mai Liang Company in China.
  • Built Malaysia plant to produce plastic cap and preform for supplying local market; also, established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Cocoland Company in Malaysia.

  • Received a certificate of international OHSAS 18001 & TOSHMS and  Occupational safety and health management by Council of Labor Affairs in Taiwan.
  • Set up the 2nd aseptic beverage filling plant in Taichung Export Processing Zone, to offer filling OEM service.
  • The president, Mr. Tsao, Hsih-Chung, received an Award of “Entrepreneurship Model and Excellent Achievement”.
  • Received an Award of “Excellent Social Responsibility Award” for Outstanding Coca-Cola Supplier among Greater China.
  • 2012:Built aseptic filling beverage plant in Zhangzhou, China.


  • Established HeySong Chungli (In-house) Plant and Kuang Chuan Jiayi (In-house) Plant.
  • Established Hon Chuan Indonesia Futami (In house) Plant.
  • Established Xian Coca Cola (In house) plant to provide preforms and water OEM service.
  • Established Kunming (In house) plant and Lanzhou (In house) plant for Pepsi China.


  • Set up Qingxin Hon Chuan at Guangdon, China to provide caps, preforms and beverage OEM service.
  • Built Tainan plant to provide beverage OEM service for Coke Cola.


  • Set up PET blowing production lines at Coke Cola, Taoyuan plant (In House) and Chen Kou Wei, Long Cyuan plant (In House).


  • Established “Hon Chuan (Vietnam) Ltd.” through “Hon Chuan (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd.,” to produce beverage packaging.


  • Set up 4 mineral water production lines in Suzhou Hongxing, Changsha Hon Chuan, Jinan Hon Chuan and Taiyuan Hon Chuan.
  • Established Taichung 1st Aseptic Filling Plant at Chungkang Export Processing Zone for aseptic co-packing business.


  • Set up Ningbo Hon Chuan to manufacture battery casing and accurate electronic parts.


  • Set up In-house Bottling Lines at Uni-President, Yang Mei Plant and Uni-President, Rui Fang Plant.
  • Incorporated “Hon Chuan (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd.,” which invested Hon Chuan (Thailand) plant, Hon Chuan FD plant, Hon Chuan (Indonesia) plant to explore South-East Asia Market.
  • Established headquarters in Taiwan, China and South-East Asia.


  • Established “Hon Chuan (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.” under which subsidiaries in Suzhou, Changsha, Taiyuan and Jinan were set up to tap into Great China market.


  • Acquired the shares of Suzhou Hon Chuan to develop Great China market.
  • Received a certificate of SGS ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Assurance System.


  • Shares were public listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange on March 2.
  • Set up an Anti-static film equipment to produce Anti-static film, which was certified by a domestic company TFT-LCD.
  • Awarded of “Outstanding Industry” by National Industry Award.


  • Expanded the plants, and invested in producing heat-resistant crystallized PET bottle to combine with the Company’s caps and labels, and offer the customers a one-stop packaging shopping service.
  • The Company’s IPO was approved by Taiwan Stock Exchange and Ministry of Finance.


  • Renamed as “Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.” to strive for international business.


  • Set up an electronic component packaging plant, to produce battery casing and accurate electronic parts.


  • The quality of plastic cap was certified and recognized by International Coca Cola company, and Hon Chuan Group became the unique supplier in Taiwan which won this award.
  • Received a certificate of ISO 9002 International Quality Assurance System.


  • Won a series of awards including “Outstanding Management”,” Product Development”,” Exportation” and “Industry Automation” from Packaging Association.
  • The quality of plastic cap was certified and recognized by International Pepsi Cola company, and Hon Chuan Group was delegated to produce and supply its bottle plants.


  • Imported the manufacturing technology and equipment of multi-layer hot shrinkable film from Europe; concurrently, imported aboard the advanced technology and production facility of plastic cap.
  • Invested in Pull ring cap equipment, for the use of 100% Juice and functional drinks.


  • Started to produce Aluminum cap specifically for deluxe wine by importing automatic long-neck wine cap production equipment from Europe.


  • Acquired Taichung 2nd Plant. Started to develop Pull ring cap, Long-neck aluminum cap, Plastic cap, Printing equipment and purchased a set of equipment to produce security bottom metal lug cap.


  • Renamed as Hon Chuan Metal Development Co., Ltd. By introducing High-speed Aluminum Cap Machine from Italy and Gravure Machine from UK, Hon Chuan became the largest closure manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • Awarded of “Golden Dragon Award in National Precise Machinery”.
  • Added Metal Lug Cap with Safety Button into product line by introducing UK advanced equipment and technology.


  • Tsao, Hsih-Chung, CEO, was awarded for 13th Model of Entrepreneurs Prize.


  • Moved into Taichung Industrial Park to further expand production.


  • Acquired land and factory in Taichung Industrial Park.


  • Became a certified supplier of Aluminum caps and Labels in Taiwan for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, 7-up and other international beverage companies.


Expanded product lines to include Aluminum closures, Colored shrinkable labels.


  • Moved to Shiou Shuei, Changhua County due to continued expansion, and was renamed as Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.


  • “Hon Chuan Industrial Limited Company“ with capital of NTD$ 600,000 was established in Changhua City, Taiwan.